Mini Vacation

I spent the last week in a tiny cabin doing nothing but eating, reading, and sleeping!


This weekend was a Cannondale Roadie.


And again, loads of tacky grease in every bearing surface. You know I was in heaven!


My Weekend Project at the Shop


This older Raleigh is really a beautiful bike. I wish the paint was in a little better condition. Here is a link to what looks like the original ad for the bike. Here’s another link. Looks to be a 1974 – 1976 Super Course MK 2.


It had a machined aluminum crankset.


I spent a great deal of time taking bearing areas apart and the above was the usual result. Good shape, but in really gummy grease. Cleaned and repacked all of it.


Not sure if you can see any difference. The silver stays and fork blades polished out well. I ended up re-lacing part of the rear wheel. Surprisingly it trued up nicely.

Hoping for another good weekend project next week!

Hey, look…snow!

Yeah, so East Tennessee got some more snow dumped on us the last two days. I managed to pick up a head cold, so I took it easy.

Here’s a picture of my co-worker Charlie’s bike. I gave him my Titec HBar for his MTB.


Last Week’s Rockhopper Build

Last week we received a small order of 2014 Specialized bikes for the shop. So, of course, I pulled out the new Rockhopper to build.

Just pulled out of the box.

All the packing finally off. Sometimes it seems like it takes almost as long to unpack the bike as to build it.

Wheels getting trued.

Sealed cone and cup hub bearings.

The headset has cartridge bearings.

Torque wrenches are a must.

Octalink bottom bracket.

Octalink crankset.

There’s that torque wrench again.

And here is the completed Rockhopper.

As you can tell, I like to pull apart bearing areas so the photos reflect that.

Jacked Up the Handlebar

In an effort to take some strain off my back and follow a principle in the Just Ride book, I have raised my handlebar. A lot.


Above is the before.


And the after.

A couple of years ago I had some terrible back spasms that rendered me immobile for at least an hour until I could move. Then it took about a week to recover and feel somewhat normal. I now can feel when it gets tired and is closer to spasming again, so I don’t push it.

I took the bike for a quick spin after work tonight. It’s a different feeling for sure!

A Little Snow in East Tennessee

Not much going on right now with the cold and snow. Mostly taking Albert outside.



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