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Tonight the local news reported that Fun Mountain Park had finally sold. For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, the park is just a huge piece of land with a bunch of old rusted carnival rides. The rides were auctioned off separately. Mostly to be used for parts. Anyway, the park is very centrally located in the middle of town. Some residents had talked about the possibility of the ‘burg buying it and turning it into a huge greenspace. A place to hold many of the fairs, events and maybe hold concerts on the lawn. That kind of thing. A common area for the locals to gather. Hopefully you get my point. You know, Gatlinburg is trying to go green. Too bad for us, apparently it is going to be turned into another resort. Because this town doesn’t have enough resorts, cabins, condos, rentals, etc! Buy one today and rent it out tomorrow. Crowd the mountains and make them look ugly. Do these people not see less and less tourists will want to come. The draw to the area was the mountains, the arts and crafts, the mountain people. At least there are a few trying. But is anyone listening?? I’ll step off my soapbox now.


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