A little history…of me.

Well, since I’m down and out for awhile with this crap, I figured I’d write a little about myself and where I came from. If anyone cares to know!

I started out in Northern Indiana. Lived there most of my life. I went to college at Purdue in West Lafayette. The first two years I was an engineer. Not a great one. I ended up switching to aviation tech for the next three years. Here I learned how to be an airplane mechanic (tech rep more to the point) and a pilot. I was able to work with composite materials, which I really loved. Ever see the Purdue Pete head of our mascot? Some of the upper composite classes made that. And we also got to make some super fast composite saucer sleds. Several big aerospace companies stored their materials in our freezers and in return we got to use the scraps. Major fun. I graduated with my commercial license and instrument rating. Do I fly for a living? No.

Once out of college, I took a brainless job at a local car rental outfit. Minor maintenance and cleaning for rental. While I did this, I was continuing to get my CFI ticket. So I could instruct. Along the way a couple things happened. I found I had some minor medical things going on and the cost of flying was creeping up. So, I stopped.

By the grace of a good friend, he introduced my to a local bike shop owner. They needed an employee for one of their stores. After everything, school included, I had always wanted to work at a bike shop. So, yes, I took the job. I started as a floor person, selling. Later went to building new bikes when customers weren’t around, more and more repairs. Then i became assistant manager. We did some shifting around of locations and I sat in the warehouse manager chair for about a month. I asked to be put back into a store when another employee was found to fill the position. Thank goodness. Hey, but I got to play with a forklift!!! So, at the retail store, I was more on the floor, light repairs and the main bike parts and accessories, well everything but preseason, orderer. I did that for 10+ years. Along the way, I went back to school part time to try to work on my engineering degree. Basically, I took a lot of math classes.

Well, about this time, bad things happened. My Dad down in Tennessee got really sick. I’ll continue that in another post or so.


2 Responses

  1. I lived in West Lafayette for two years. Don’t remember it because I was one year old when we moved there. My dad was working on his Doctoral degree in engineering at Purdue. He never finished the degree because he had three kids and a wife and decided to take a job instead of continue his schooling. Before I graduated high school I would end up living in Iowa, Pittsburgh and the Chicago burbs.

    Interesting the twists and turns life can throw at you. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and hope you’re doing the right thing.

  2. You got that right!

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