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The Chestnut Varsity

Up until this point in life my dad had repainted and fixed up old bikes for me to ride. We had just moved into the city from the country. My dad was a city police officer and wanted to be closer to work. His partner on the department suggested the neighborhood that he lived in. So, my parents checked it out. We ended up moving into a house at the other end of the street from them. I would have built in playmates, his four sons. One happened to be my age, Jeff, and became my best friend.

Well, once there, maybe even the first day, the neighborhood girls stopped by. They all had shiny new bikes. One in particular was a royal blue Schwinn Varsity. That was the coolest bike I ever saw! Blue was my favorite color. I dreamed about that bike.

So, later in the year my parents took me to the local bike shop. This is the same shop I would end up working for years later. I was just amazed at the sheer number of bicycles that they had on their floor. This was the first bike shop I had ever been in. So, my parents told me we weren’t here to just look, but here to buy my first brand new bike. Whatever I wanted!

Of course, I was looking for that blue Varsity. I think one gal that worked there and the owner were out on the floor. That’s all I recollect about who was there. So, they showed me the Varsitys. But I didn’t see a blue one. They had a chestnut one and maybe some other colors, but no blue. I was told that the shop could get a blue one in a week or so. Ha! No thank you! I’m here to get a brand new bike and it’s going home with me. No chances of losing out on this. So, even though I really didn’t like the color chestnut, it went home with me that day.

I rode that bike everywhere. I even used it to jump (remember, I really don’t jump as much as roll over) ramps. It’s hard to go over ramps with a tenspeed!

To this day do you know what my two favorite colors are? Blue and brown.


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