Good Friends…A Sad Story. (or The Legend of the Green Machine)

So, this was the first bike I bought working at the shop. A 1995 GT Zaskar. I was commuting on it by this time. And I had replaced a lot of the parts on it.

And this was what it became. I had traded the frame for a Paramount. And a buddy of mine gave me this Fisher. The geometry was the same as my Fuel. So, I hung the Zaskar parts on the Fisher. The Paramount would later be turned into a kick around trials bike. I kept the Fisher at work here in Tennessee to ride on breaks. During this time, Betsy at work asked me to fix up her bike. Long story short, it was a deathtrap! So, I brought in my Fuel to ride and she borrowed the Fisher. It fit. So, I gave it to her. Talk about a happy person. She loved it.

She had taken it home and two weeks before Christmas, brought in her husbands bike for me to fix. She was thinking of bringing the Fisher to leave here, but decided to get the other one in first to fix. Her vehicle wasn’t big enough for two bikes.

Well, we went through the day and then I went home and she was on her way to church. I remember that it was Wednesday because of church. Thank goodness, because that meant she had her dog with her. So, she called me to tell me something. I was about halfway home. Don’t remember the conversation. After I hung up, I started going through every part in detail about the Fisher. I was thinking, what if something happens to it at the store and I need to know for replacement. Then, I remembered that I gave her the bike and my GT was at the store. Didn’t think much about it.

The next day I was off. I got a call from one of the guys at work. He asked me if I had heard about Betsy. Right after I had gotten off the phone with her the night before, her husband had called her. The house was on fire. It burned to the ground. They lost almost everything. Yes, the Fisher was in the garage, where the fire started, and it burned. There was actually nothing left of it.

It is a happy ending for them. The fire sort of gave them a new beginning. They had been through a lot. Her husband had cancer a few years before. He’s doing great now. So, they have rebuilt with help from family and friends. They have been able to start a family, she’s pregnant. And, I got to go to the bike shop with her and help her get a new bike!


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