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The LeMond

Yes, I know you’ve seen this one. I know I said that i would post the parts I have for the Surly so far. Well, I was going to hang the parts I have so far on the Surly and take a pic. But then I forgot and sprayed the frame with the JP Weigle frame saver spray. It has to completely dry first. So, I’ve decided to just wait and reveal the bike once complete. Hopefully not too much longer. I’ll have to make one more parts order after I get the headset, stem and wheelset. So there!

Back to the LeMond. It’s funny. I was home from college and out riding my Trek 1000 that I had at the time. I ran into this guy that had a LeMond and thought that it was the coolest bike I had ever seen. The guy’s name was Ed and I would get to know him better once I worked at the bike shop. He was a pilot, too. And I could only ride with him for 30-40 minutes. I was toast by then!

So, I started working at the bike shop maybe a year after I got out of college. Something I had always wanted to do. I had sold my Specialized MTB (more about that one later) and ordered the GT, but still had the Trek 1000. My friend Brian told me about this steel framed bike that was down in the basement at the location he worked at. So, I went to look at it. It was this LeMond. It fit perfectly. Sold! The guy that it belonged to had moved to Colorado and taken to running, so he didn’t need the bike. I got it for a steal, at least I think so.

So, I just changed the stem and put on a cyclocross handlebar. It’s the same bar I put on the Trek 5200. It’s superwide. No, I don’t have superwide shoulders, but I like the width of my mountain bike bars, so I’m going wide on the road bikes. And I like the shape of the cyclocross bars. I also put a new seatpost on it for giggles. Hey, they match!

The bike has old 600 parts. I had put the gripshift on it soon after I got it. Ed had had the shifters on his and I thought it was cool. I don’t think the STI stuff was out yet. Or at least not affordable. It’s Cromor tubing. Seamed steel. Rides nice! And it’s almost 20 years old!


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