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Four Months

Two days ago I received a letter in the mail that reminded me that my uncle had died about four months ago. And then I was reading Wil’s blog about his Aunt Val passing away. It was really good.

I lived with my uncle on and off for several years. The first time when my parents decided to move to Tennessee and I wanted to stay in Indiana. It was supposed to be temporary until I found an apartment. It turned into 2-3 years. Then, I found an apartment for a couple more years, but I hated it. So, I moved back with my uncle. It worked out great. I had someone to talk to and so did he. And, since he was getting up there in years, I could kind of look after him.

The funny thing is, he did the same for my grandma. So, my memories of that house include both of them. In fact, for the longest time I thought he was my grandpa.

For as long as I can remember, we went over about every other weekend. As soon as I
walked in the door, I headed for the cookie drawer. Lemon Archway cookies for me! Ken, my uncle, was a sugar cookie fiend. And every month or two I would spend the night. This would involve sleeping on the couch with grandma asking me every so often if I was okay from her bedroom. The best part was Ken loved watching old Sherlock Holmes movies. So, since the TV was out in the family room, where I was, I got to stay up and watch them with him. Loved the Hounds of Baskervilles.

Ken would tell all kinds of “stories”. He had me believing that there were little gnomes living in the woods behind the house. Eggbert, Norbert and one other. He probably giggled from the window as he watched me go out back and search for them. Never did find them.

And he loved dogs. Always had at least one around. Up until he got sick and they had to go for health reasons. He was sad until the family started surrounding him. It was the only time he really didn’t notice the dogs were gone.

He was one of the few that got a kick out of my bike riding. He always thought I was so good at it. I had ridden 10 miles to work and he was in awe. And when I’d go out for 30-40 miles on a day off, well, that was insane! But he was encouraging. When everyone else would say “You spent how much on that.”, or “Why do you ride that thing everywhere. You have a car.” he always stood up for me.

I have a lifetime of memories with my uncle. And that’s what makes me not cry so much. The good times.


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