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The Specialized…

I bring up this bike now because my uncle bought it for me for my college graduation. He got it from a little shop in town called Cycle Path. The owner, Tom, was so nice. We had a mutual love for aviation. He and some friends were in the process of designing a new kit plane. And he offered to let me fly it when it was finished. Wonder whatever happened to that? So, I almost went to work for him. Unfortunately, the store went out of business. It was actually sold to a competitor and then closed.

The bike was originally brirac black. But due to a problem with the brake bosses, I got a replacement in the team red. I later put a Rock Shox Mag something or other on it. Very nice. I ended up selling it to buy the Zaskar. Most of my friends in college had a Specialized of some sort. The mountain bikers at least. And come to think of it, most of my friends here do too.

This was the bike I was on when I first went faster than 40mph. I believe it was 46mph and yes, I was on the road.


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