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My First Mountain Bike…

was this Diamond Back Apex. CroMoly frame, no suspension and that lovely brahma bar. I entered my first race on this baby.

That race was one of the first DINO series races at Franke Park. The laps were just under a mile long. I don’t know how many I had to do. I had ridden that area a lot, but it was nothing like racing on it. When we rode, we stopped a lot. Not so much in a race! I went for a practice lap and was wiped out! Yes, I know. Sad. So, I only remember a few key points in the race. One was one of the expert girls lapping me. She was nice and gave words of encouragement. Another was chatting to the gal ahead of me as I was pushing my bike up the hill and she was headed down it. And the last lap at that same place. I was completely out of steam and just sat down at the bottom of the hill. I drank whatever was in my bottle and thought about quitting. I must have sat there for 10-15 minutes. And a horrible thought occured to me. If I quit, there would be a big fat DNF behind my name. Immortalized in print behind my name! No, that wasn’t going to happen. So, I got off my butt and pushed the bike up the hill one last time. When I got to the finish line, I remember pulling over to where my parents were sitting and just dying. They told me that every time I came through the finish line, I was hailed as the local favorite. I was the only local in the women’s race! I finished dead last, but I finished.


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