The Doctor Visit.

I got up at the usual time I get up to go into work. Same damn time. And on that drive in, I had a whopping hour to think about my blood pressure. And when I get to the office, oh yeah, I’m 15 minutes early. More time to think about the fact that they’re going to take my blood pressure and I know it’s really not high, since I’ve been monitoring it at home. I try to take deeper breaths to calm down.

What’s that? Oh, it’s my heart POUNDING in my chest.

So, it’s my time to go in. The first nurse, you guessed it, takes my bp. And…IT”S THE SAME AS LAST TIME. I told her it would be. As soon as I get in the door, boom, it goes up.

Well, anyway, the main nurse comes in and looks at it and we discuss my results from the last two weeks.

“Am I gonna die?”

“No. But with what you’ve told me, you have White Coat Hypertension.”


“White Coat Hypertension. It’s basically a person with normal blood pressure who walks into a doctor’s or dentist’s office and the pressure automatically shoots up.”

“No, really?” I have that wtf look on my face.

“When you get home, look it up on the internet. It’s real.”

“So, basically the cure is to not go see the doctor anymore?” Ha ha!

“Uh, no. You still need to see the doctor when you’re sick. Good try, though!”

So, the moral of the story, I don’t have high blood pressure and apparently, I’m not going to die anytime soon. You should have been in my head the past two weeks! Sheesh.

On another note. My stem came in. My stem came in. Thanks Rick!


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