A couple of hiking items…

First, I have a new addition to my pack. As we all know, everyone that goes into the backcountry should have some sort of emergency blanket to keep warm. Up until last week, I carried the mylar-ish space blanket. Small, light, easy to pack. Well, I’ve added a larger model. Why?

One of our Ranger friends came into the store looking for this blanket and told us about an experience some backcountry skiers had.

The skiers decided to go skiing off the backside of one of the slopes. The only problem was, once they got down they had no way of getting back up. It must have been too steep and I’m assuming there was not any climbing gear with them. So, they had to stay the night out there. Prepared, not really. Except for the fact that they had one of these bigger blankets. The key is that you can cut it and the material doesn’t come apart. The small space blanket just shreds apart if cut or nicked. So, these guys cut the blanket in half, then cut head holes in the two pieces and placed the blanket next to their bodies. Next they put their cloths over the top of the blanket. It kept their torsos warm all night and they were rescued the next day. So, due to this story, that Ranger always carries one of the blankets with him. I do, too!

I now have an opinion on these two Clif products. I do like the Shot Bloks. The cola flavor is okay, not my favorite, but palatable. It does have a bit of caffeine in it, though. My favorite flavor is still lemon-lime. I’ve now tried two flavors of the Moons. The blue Berry (I think) and the Watermelon, above. The flavors are really tasty, however, the texture is not so good. The Moons are chewier and, this is the part I do not like, stick to my teeth. A lot! I can deal with the chewy part, but I can’t stand the stickiness. Like I said before, I do like the flavors. If Clif makes the Moons the texture of the Bloks or makes the Bloks in the Moon flavors, that’d do it for me. Now, the size of the Moons are nice. They fit very handily into my side pocket on my pack.


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