Softride, the other white meat.

Yeah, I got a lot of crap for this bike. It started out like this. The Softride rep stopped by and dropped off a couple of bikes for us to try. He wanted us to sell them. So, I nabbed the Solo Qualifier with 650 wheels. It had regular tubes for the frame, nothing aero on it. Keep in mind, at this point I had only been riding on average 25 miles in a day. So, I took it out for the weekend. I ended up riding in the wind and rain for 40 miles that Sunday. And I felt really good. The bike accelerated like nothing I had ever experienced. The 650 wheels were the cause. The beam didn’t beat my back up. I think I may have to have one of these.

I was going to order a Solo Qualifier for myself. However, everyone at the shop said don’t get the 650 wheels. Get one of the bikes that offers 700c wheels. You’ll be able to find tires and tubes easier.

Yeah, that’s true. But the bike accelerates with those wheels so much faster.

They countered that with the fact that the 700c wheels would keep the momentum up better.

So, I listened to them and bought what you see. The Road Wing with 700c wheels. I never got the ride the Solo Qualifier had. So, I ended up selling the bike to a friend.

One side note. My buddies Shane and Brian kept asking me if they could paint the beam pink the whole time I owned the bike. Uh, no!


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  1. Back in the 90’s Danny Chew won two RAAM races on softride bicycles. I don’t know if he had the 650c or the 700c wheels. Although acceleration isn’t a big issue in a 3,000 mile race.

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