I finally get to go hiking tomorrow after two months in the depths of sickness. Yay!!

After reading the Fat Cyclist‘s post today about the Tour de Donut, I think I have a chance of winning it! Hell, I won’t even bother going to Utah to do it. I’ll do it here. Maybe I’ll just ride my bike over to the Donut Friar in the Village and plunk my big butt down for a dozen or two. Oh wait, I’m supposed to be loosing weight now. Damn!

I hear rumors of a headset arriving sometime Wednesday. I think I am going to post a picture of it. And you’ll understand why then.


2 Responses

  1. Chris King?? Hope??? throw us a bone at least

  2. I will hopefully reveal on wednesday. You may be on the right path;) But, I have a little something to say about it, you’ll understand when I post.

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