I finally did a hike today.

Not a great photo, sorry. We were down on the nature trails of Sugarlands. It’s my favorite area of the park at the moment. This pic was taken heading back out. In the background is bullhead mountain. It leads up to Mt. LeConte. This system of trails continue on, we’re wondering if they end up by Chimney Tops somewhere. We’ll find out sometime soon. I’ll try to do better with the camera next time. It was kind of last minute.

I’ve also been experimenting with wool. I’m a fan of wool socks, merino wool. Let me tell you, I love my Darn Tough socks. Feel nice and comfy, not super loose fitting and haven’t had any problems with moisture. I’ve been using these for almost two years. I’ve also been trying wool shirts. I was given an Ibex long sleeve base layer. I haven’t tried it in the bitter cold, yet, but I was out in high 60’s-low 70’s today. And, the shirt was black. It really regulated my temperature quite well. AND it didn’t stink when I was done. I think I am one of the stinkiest day hikers I know. My friends that go with me almost pass out when we get into the car for the ride home. It’s that bad. I talked to two AT thru hikers yesterday about wool under garments. Slightly longer time drying out compared to synthetic, but didn’t seem to feel as damp when they were. I’ll have to see about that.


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