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Another trip to the bike shop.

Well, I had a day off from everything and stopped in at the LBS. I ended up hanging out there for a couple of hours. We had a good chat about some similarities in the bike and hiking industry. Which lead to the crankset. I’m not going to get the Mr Whirley. Rick is having a super bad time getting anything from QBP. That was part of our conversation.

In the hiking industry, I’m experiencing distributors not having items that everyone orders almost everytime we place an order. You know, stuff no one should ever be out of, regardless of where you are in the retail chain of command. Or, we make preseason orders 8 months in advance and stuff trickles in or just never comes. Why even bother to make a preseason order? Unfortunately, if we don’t, we definitely won’t get it. And, it seems like the companies like to fill the big outfitters order before us small potatoes. I understand the big guys send more money their way, but us small guys happen to fill in the gaps in some areas. This is what I think is happening with Rick’s shop. He tried again last week to not only order my parts, but other things needed at the shop. Most of the order didn’t come in.

Well, we got out the Hawley catalog to look at parts and I ended up calling them to see what they had in stock for a single speed crankset. The guy I talked to was great and recommended a certain crankset to me. And he made sure they had it in stock. I’ll let you know what it is when it comes in. I also put a couple of other things on the order. It reminded me of being a little kid when the Sears toy catalog came in the mail and I just lived with it trying to figure out what I wanted for Christmas!

On another note, I’m going to try to post mostly biking stuff here. Unless something really awesome happens on a hike, I’ll post that stuff to my other site.

Thanks for listening! And thanks Rick for seating my crown race. One tool that I don’t have.


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