The Bridgestone RB-1, I think!

So, after I had had the Schwinn Varsity, then the Scrambler, I think I got this bike next. Either this or the Diamond Back Silver Streak. More on that later

I had ended up at a different local bike shop than the one that my dad picked me up from school at. Kind of a nutty lady running it. Her son owned the shop and this was actually a smaller location than his other shop. Anyway, I had it in my mind that I needed a true road bike. I wanted to ride longer distances. She “fit” me to this one. As you may have noticed, this bike is HUGE. I guess it was still back in the day when some places had you throw a leg over the top tube and if you were right on top of the tube, presto, you had yourself a bike! I didn’t know any better.

I don’t really have many memories of this one. Well, just one. My friend Leane and I decided to ride over to the next town and eat lunch at the McDonalds that was right in front of the Drive-In movie place. Now remember, we were in our early teens and had never ridden any further than the 3-4 miles to school. This trip involved riding out into the country for a few miles and then going into New Haven, a much smaller town. However, this town had a big highway with tons of semi truck traffic. I will say, that 2 mile stretch on the highway to McDonalds was the scariest two miles in my life at that moment! But, we made it. And I ate quite a few cheeseburgers!

Of course, we then had to go back onto that highway. It must have been a little better because that part of the trip just didn’t stick in the memory. I only remember being really tired when I got home.

Does this bike make me a BOB? And where is Pineapple Bob? I loved reading about him in the magazines racing cyclocross. I think that was the first I really had ever heard of the sport.


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