My parts are here!!!!

I went on a short hike this morning near Clinton, Tennessee in one of our state parks and then to the Museum of Appalachia. Neat place. I got back to Sevier County with enough time to stop by the bike shop and check on the parts. I figured I might luck out and get them tomorrow, but Rick pulled the wheels, pedals and a Hawley pint glass from behind the counter! Wheeee! I also purchased a water bottle cage. It was like Christmas in May. Next stop, home and bike building time.

So, I drove down the road and around the corner. I got halfway down Dolly Parton Parkway and realized that I had forgotten brake cables! Quick turn around and back to the shop. Rick thought something was wrong when I came back in. I told him I was so excited that I forgot to buy cables. And looking on the counter, I had forgotten to take my cage!

Well, I’m home and relaxing a little bit. I decided to chill out before I get to building, since I tend to get hyper and forget things.

Wish me luck in the build and be looking for a completed bike picture tomorrow:)

Later gator!


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  1. GReat news, look forward to seeing the finished product

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