Karate Monkey is Go!

Oh yes, I finished it late this morning. I had to make a trip to the bike shop for some tubes (can’t ride it with a flat!!), a seat bag, some zip ties (couldn’t find those in my tool box?) and a patch kit (plenty of patches, no glue). Put the Monkey in the back of my truck to show it to Rick. He loved it. I’ll have to take it back so he can give it a spin.

Got back to the house after lunch and put the new tube in. Everything checked out, so I clipped in and started to ride. With the frame being a 16″, I bought the longest seatpost. I wanted a top tube length close to my other mountain bike, but that fell between the 16 and 18″ frames for the Surly. I decided on the smaller frame for more clearance and I just like to ride smaller frames. And I put a slightly longer stem to hopefully make up the difference. Anyway, I started to ride it and wouldn’t you know the seatpost was too high! Since I had it all the way down into the frame, I had to cut off about 2″ of post. Perfect.

I just rode it around the yard and the neighborhood the rest of the day today. Tweaking things here and there. Grips were a little off, blah blah blah. Let me say, it’s really weird to ride a bike and when a hill comes up trying to reach for a shifter and it not be there. However, the longer I rode, the more I like that. I’ll be stronger in the end when I have to learn to ride up the hill (or walk) as is!

Enough talk. Here’s the Monkey.

So, now for a parts run down.

Frame & Fork: Surly Karate Monkey
Wheelset: WTB Laser Disc Trail 29er 9 speed
Rear Cog: Surly 18t with Surly SS conversion kit and Tuggnut
Tires: Maxxis Ignitor 29″
Crankset: Truvative Stylo Singlespeed with 32T chainring
Pedals: Time Roc Atac
Brakes: Avid BB7 with Avid levers, mechanical
Seatpost: Thomson Elite setback
Seat: Bontrager FS 2000
Stem: Thomson Elite
Headset: Chris King Pretty & Strong (that means PINK)
Handlebar: Scott Thermoplastic (it’s what I had lying around, may change later)
Grips: Ergon
Bell: Temple of Tone (yes, I’m an Indy fan)
Specialized water bottle cage and seat pack. Valve caps are pez dispenser tops(Ft:Lisa Simpson, Rear: X-Wing Pilot)

I think that’s it. Thanks to the few of you who have been waiting with GREAT anticipation for the unveiling. Hope it was worth it!

Happy Trails…and hopefully the Monkey will ride smoothly with nothing falling off! I mean, I built it. Only had Rick put the crown race on:)


6 Responses

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  2. NICE!! It was worth the wait. Have fun and tell us about all your rides on it!

  3. I will, and I think I’ll be riding a lot more. It just seems like it’s faster, not that I am a fast person. But the 29″ wheels make a difference:)

  4. All the way I see, no suspension or gears. Looks great though, really fast build time. If it was me you’d only be seeing photo’s next week at best, I’m a lazy bastard

  5. It helps that I had 10 years to learn how to build bikes. I was surprised at how easy the disc brakes are. I was just dabbling with those when I left the bike world. It was fun building, thanks!

  6. What a beautiful looking bike. That blue and black (and CK pink 😉 colour scheme really works.

    I’ve been riding a singlespeed Surly for the past two years and just loving it.

    I notice you still have the cantilever posts on with their (plastic?) covers in place. Did you know that they unscrew from the frame and fork and you can get a little plastic or alloy plug from your LBS that tidies up the hole?

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