Monkey Ride after work.

I decided to take a little spin on the Gatlinburg Trail after I closed the store down. It helps to have it right across the street. I got out a little late after fitting a gal in boots. Hey, she was ecstatic about having ones that fit!

So, I hit the trail. I just wanted to spin over to the park headquarters and back before heading home. This bridge is maybe a third of the way up the trail. And then the trail climbs a little.

Sorry about the blurry pic. Twas getting dark in the woods.

Yes, I had to walk a little bit. I just don’t have the legs yet. At the top of the hill are the remnants of some old mountain homes. Including this chimney. Then it was down the hill and over to headquarters. I ended up riding the road back. Wow, it was a slight downhill and I kept spinning out. I am predicting a way better spin by the end of the summer!! Ha!

Off I go to eat some Blue Smoke chocolate covered espresso beans. Good thing I rode today, should balance out the beans! Ha, again!


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  1. Always good to see an animal in its natural suroundings

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