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Monkey Riding Again.

Went down the Gatlinburg Trail again after work. Had a little time to kill, as the Scottish Highland Games parade was blocking my way home. Hey, it’s a great excuse to me!

It almost looked like dusk out there. Had to use a flash for the pics. The sky was overcast and about ready to let go. I rode the road back again. Which reminds me, any good recommendations for a bright, small taillight? The one I have now bounces around and the button is so touchy that when it hits the bag it turns off.

So, this is the park sign. I’m looking at it as my starting point. My goal for this year is to ride to the top (Newfound Gap) of the mountain and this is the road to do it. So, each time I ride, I’ll go a little farther up the road. And, I’m thinking about using the Monkey to do it. Crazy?? Well, if not, I can always grab my geared bike. But I think it would be super cool to get to the top this way.

Time to go, Galactica is on.

4 Responses

  1. That would be super cool!! I say go for it!

  2. I’ll post my progress:)

  3. Spare time. What I would do for a bit of that;)

  4. It’s easy when you have a bunch of people in kilts playing bagpipes and blocking you’re way home:)

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