Geek Alert!

You’ve been warned. This has absolutely nothing to do with bicycles.

I was at the airport tonight after work talking with some friends. I can’t remember what brought the subject up, but it was about Star Trek. I ended up being asked if I was a Trekkie, and I said “of course”. Then one of the others had this look on his face and a light bulb came on. The connection between one of my screen names and a certain character of Wesley Crusher made sense. He asked if I was a Wesley stalker in the day. Was, how about IS. No, I don’t really stalk him, but I am a frequent reader of his blog. And, if you explore the links on this blog, you will stumble into the one for Wesley. Err…I mean Wil Wheaton.

Sheesh, it’s not like I have a copy of “Just a Geek” by my bed that I’m currently reading. Do I?


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