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More Bikes.

First, I must say, I love strawberries. Tis the season!

Now to what’s on my mind. Bicycling in the states. More to the point, commuting. I was sitting down having a chat with my dad yesterday and we thought about what it would take to increase the numbers of commuters, as well as, the facilities for it. Bear with me, my mind is all over the place at the moment.

Okay, one thing we agreed on. The fact that the railroad system has been greatly diminished hurts the price of everything. Considering the vast amount of space that our country has from one end to the other, transporting goods I think would be less costly than the current model using airplanes and trucks. Hey, I love airplanes, it’s the industry I originally trained to be in. Granted, we have many great rail-to-trails to ride now. Sorry, that really doesn’t have much to do with commuting.

So, what would make one want to commute to work or the grocery around the corner? It would take having gas go up to and beyond the $10 a gallon mark. I think this hurts the poor and decreases the number of people bracketed into the middle class.

The other proponent to my thought on this involves how the average person views riding a bike. IMHO I think most people want to feel safe. I mean, I understand the group that says, opinion and factual, that having separate bike lanes actually increases the number of auto/bike accidents. The only way most auto drivers will be comfortable with the bikes is to have them both mesh well with each other. Both be aware and respect each other on the same roads. But, I don’t think the average American is willing to try it. That the only way most will get out on that bike, or walk, or whatever mode of human transportation is to have separate and seemingly safer lanes. I’m thinking that the auto drivers would like the fact that they would not be seemingly impeded by having these bicyclists out of there lane, as well.

EDIT: I almost forgot this part. Bicycle racks. Most people want to keep their bike. What if all the WalMarts in the country suddenly placed bicycle racks in a safe place at the stores. What about grocery stores. Strip malls. Coffee shops. I can go on and on.

Slightly different thought. I personally do not have a problem with paying a fee for a sticker (like a license plate fee) to ride my bicycle on the road (maybe place this on the back of my ID?). If it would help to raise funds specifically to build roads with bicycle/ HPV paths along them or add them onto existing roads. I’m rambling now.
EDIT: I just read an interesting article from Copenhagenize about this very subject. Good points.

There is more banging around in my head, but I’m not sure it’ll get out. I’m not even sure that this thought will get across properly the way written. Thanks for listening.


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