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Same Ride and a Little More.

I did the ride to the visitor center and back again after work. On the way there, I passed some motorcyclists heading back to town. And they actually waved to me! Of course, I waved back. Two wheels, eh! Then on the way back, i was thinking about running up the Old Sugarlands Trail a little bit to grab a picture of something, locking my bike to a tree of course, and decided not to. Something made a crash, bang, thud in the woods. I think it got what it was going for! No pictures today, though. I had three cameras including my phone with me. In fact, there was a really beautiful scene involving the sky and the tops of the mountains. However, I was way into viewing it and didn’t think to get a camera out. Next time!

A little more. I met the guy that I’ve seen riding around town on a recumbent three wheeler today. He came into the store. He was recovering from a brain injury. And doing quite well, considering. It was nice to talk to him.

And, I saw another gal riding her bike back into the park. I’m thinking one of the seasonal employees. They live in the government housing behind Headquarters. I have seen a very small increase in the number of bicycles being ridden around town.


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