Banjo Brothers Messenger Bag.

I received my Banjo Brothers messenger bag last night. And let me say, it’s big. But that was what I was looking for. It’s close to the size of my big Timbuk 2 bag that I’ve had for 11-12 years. Why replace it, you say? Because it smells like crap and I can’t get rid of it. I use it for hauling my stinky bike clothes around at times now.

And, I don’t have a problem with the outside pockets. I can put all my stuff in the main zipper pocket and my camera/lens fit into the inside bottle pockets. I like this configuration because it kind of suspends my camera and keeps it from digging into my back.

The only thing I’ve noticed is the fact that when I (being a female) cinch the strap up to have the bag higher on my back, the cross strap hits me right in the boob. So, if I wear the bag a little lower, it’s fine. Maybe an adjustable cross strap?

Other than that, it’s very comfortable! I’ll post updates as I use it more.


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