Solar Power and Xtracycle thoughts.

I had to run some errands and noticed that our bus stops have solar panels on them. I assume to power the lights at night and there is an info board inside.

While I was driving, I was thinking about how to commute by bike. I had the epiphany that I’d like to attach an Xtracycle to one of my rarely used bikes. And I have a few other things rambling around in my head about this, but time for that later.

Since some of you out there have one, I’d like some input from you. Has anyone had experience with using a full suspension mtb? Mainly because that’s what I have lying around ready to go. But, I can cobb together a rigid bike, if needed. Is it too much stress for full suspension? Any ideas?

Anything I should know about gearing on the rear? Yes, there are mountains all around me, but I’d mainly be on hilly terrain, not the mountains.

Should I use same position as if I’m riding without the Xtracycle?

This will take a little while, as I have to save a little bit more money for it. Don’t we all? Speaking of money, yes, today I paid almost $50 to fill my little truck tank! $3.86 a gallon. I know it’s not as bad as some places, but it hurts. I’ve just never paid that much before. I know, our European neighbors will tell me to shut up, as they pay over $9.00 a gallon. I’ am very glad I got the 4 cyclinder instead of the 6 like many friends said to. Ha!

The temperature is above 90 again today, so I’ll wait until later to go for a ride.

Oh, and if anyone is trying to call me, I ran my phone through the wash today. I caught it just a couple of minutes into it, so I’m hoping it’s not too wet and will dry. I have it out in the super hot weather, maybe it’ll work later! So, email me for now. Later.


4 Responses

  1. My gut reaction to adding a FreeRadical to a full-suspension mtb is: no-way! But, to be honest, I can’t come up with any concrete reasons to support my gut reaction at this time. I’ll have to toss it around inside the head for awhile.

  2. The stuff I’m reading online doesn’t seem to support the full suspension, either. It may be just too much stress on the frame somewhere. or the suspension.

    If you come up with any further thoughts, pass them on. Thanks!

  3. Sorry for my ignorance, what is a Xtracycle?

  4. Great Journal of our ride today in Cades Cover Marla.
    Jan’s nephew is Ben Brady, not to be confused with Greg, Peter, Bobby, or even the “missing brady”. I had a great time on the ride through Cades Cove. Will definitely do it again.

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