It’s another fun-filled Monkey Ride!

So, it’s still in the high 90’s. Did I mention HIGH 90’s? Argh!!! I had to wear my shorter shorts. And when I (body of michelin man or woman in my case) have to resort to the shorter shorts you know it’s stinky hot. Now, what defines short for me? They stop just above the knee. My everyday shorts stop a couple of inches below my knee.

I took the trail to the headquarters building. There were a few people out there. Walking. I just had to stop at this tree at the other end of the trail. Interesting angles, eh?

Did I mention that I not only made it up the hill, but didn’t stop at the top to recover? I waited to barf up a lung during the trip down. HA!

As I popped out of the woods, I noticed a tire track in the dirt. It was kind of weird looking. Like someone was twisting their wheel back and forth rapidly. However, there wasn’t a rear tire track. And the width was more like a smooth road tread. Oh, it was a snake! So very glad it was long gone. Blah!

I ended up stopping at the headquarters building to sit on their bench out front.

There was a post blocking the middle part of the view, so I didn’t take a photo of that. You’d think Tennessee was completely flat by this one. The road up the mountain is on the right.

I took the road back to town. I just love zinging down it! And I didn’t pass out from the heat. Yeah for me:)

Get on your bike and RIDE…


2 Responses

  1. Like the snake bike. Well observed. Stay clear of those funny markings.

  2. Yeah, we have so real winners in the poisonous arena!

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