Monkey Ride Tuesday

Tonight after work I had to stop at the Headquarters Building to meet the ranger that I volunteer for. One of my jobs now is to try to get the grafitti off of one of the historic cabins in the park. I think it will take awhile.

Well of course I rode there! I stopped on the bridge to watch a snake (blah) swim through the water. It stopped and surfaced on a rock and then swam off. As I was sitting there on my bike watching, a walker passing by me stopped to ask what the little gold thing on my handlebar was. My Temple of Tone bell, of course! It’s funny because that’s the same thing Babette (ranger) asked. It does look a bit different than the traditional bell.

This picture was taken at the top of the hill in the middle of the trail. I apparently didn’t do it justice, as it actually is looking down the hill. It looks flat here.

That blurry bulbous gold thing on the left of the handlebar is my Temple of Tone.

On the way down the hill and to the right is this cool set of curved steps. It’s what was left over from a homesite.

And it was another hot one today.While I was standing there talking to Babette my back was drenched. And I had taken my backpack off! Probably should have worn something other than a cotton shirt. However, the new pair of shorts that I purchased from the LBS was fantastic.

Get out on your bike…and RIDE!


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