Clowns are…hmmm?

I was reading Cozy Beehive’s post today and I saw a Primal Wear jersey. This jersey reminded me of the crazy clown design that they had a few years back. It strikes terror in my mind.

For some reason, I’ve never particularly liked clowns. I’ve been afraid or at least skeptical of them. I’m sorry if you are one, it’s not personal.

Was it the clown at the circus? All nutty and up in your face? Taking a perfectly fine balloon and twisting it into a big sausage link that kind of looked like an animal? What about the one that serves hamburgers? He didn’t particularly bother me. I just didn’t get in line to have my picture taken. Was it the smile? I won’t even mention the one that REALLY did bad things. Can’t get that picture out of my mind! How’s about the one from the book. It? Big, sharp teeth. Looks a lot like that damned jersey! Kyle from the shop I worked at used to taunt me with that jersey.

Up north, we had a gal clown that was kind of crazy. A good crazy. I guess she didn’t bother me so much. Bozo and Cookie weren’t bad. Just annoying. And there was Happy. He didn’t bother me in the way Darth Vader stopped scaring me when Luke took off his helmet in ROTJ. You see, I knew Happy without the makeup on. He bought parts for his unicycle from me.

I guess all clowns aren’t inherently evil. It’s like my relationship with snakes. I go my way, they go their’s and all is well. Just keep that damned jersey away from me!


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