Back from Elkmont.

So, I did go for a little spin down the Monkey Trail before heading out to the campground. Turned out to be a good thing as I got a call from Tracy asking to pick up some sugar on the way in! She’s deadly without her coffee!

We had two spots in a great location. Basically had the forest as our backyard. The night before they had had a visitor in the form of a black bear and her cubs. They didn’t come into the campsite, but were really close. Last night, we did have a few deer lurking and munching on the vegetation.

The guys left to go to work, so it was just Tracy, Jacob and me for most of the night. We went to the river to throw rocks, cooked dinner and then chilled out by the campfire. When the guys got back, we had smores. We had no choice but to wait due to Tim having the marshmallows in his car. We went to bed sometime after midnight, late for me, and it was just in time. The sky opened up and poured down rain, thunder and lightning. I didn’t mind it so much because it drowned out everyones snoring! We got up early this morning, packed up and headed out. It was fun.

I went to the store and cleaned up a little. It was close to the time for Barrett to open. So, I hung out and talked to him about some stuff and then rode my bike again. I did the trail twice.

As you can see, it’s not the Monkey. Since I’ve realized that I am really comfortable on the Monkey, I’ve started working on the position of my Fuel. It’s getting pretty close to feeling like the Monkey. By the way, thanks Scott for the tires. They work pretty well for the trail and pavement.

In between the two times riding the trail, I had a blast going as fast as I could from the Headquarters building to the trailhead. It’s a 25 mph area. Whee;)) It’s amazing just how much faster I can go down the hills since I don’t spin out on the multi-speed.

The second time, I stopped and had some more Snot Blocks. I know, it sounds like I don’t really like them, but I do. It makes me giggle!

And I managed to see the Blue Smoke Boys, yeah that’s what I’m calling y’all now, as they were leaving town. They have to get back and roast some more of that coffee for you.

One final note. Stop writing graffiti in my damned park! Have a lovely day.


2 Responses

  1. Marla,
    I hope you enjoyed the synchronous fireflies on your trip to elkmont. We joined my parents and found a great location and sat for a while and watched. It is such a wonderful experience. We biked the Greenbrier trail on Monday afternoon and what a killer it was in the heat of the afternoon. KP says we’ll do it again soon. I thought i would die before we reached to top of the loop road, but coming down was easy. gonna try to keep my cycling up so I can continue to improve. Take care and we’ll see you again real soon- Bobby

  2. I really need to get to the end of Greenbriar. If we all keep it up, maybe we’ll be able to ride all the hills in the Cove!

    Can’t wait for Townsend!!

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