First Video…and it sucks!

Sorry y’all. The quality is not so good. It looks fine on the Mac. What have I learned from this? I need to make the videos less than 5 minutes (this one is over 8 minutes) or ride faster! I have to compress them to use this Blogger or my You Tube account. I can’t use the part of You Tube that allows the full length and larger file with a Mac! Only a PC and that is just NOT going to happen! Oh, and I have to do something about the sound. It’s off for now. Meh.

I’ll work on it and hopefully have some better clips. Bear with me!


3 Responses

  1. Hey Marla…the Video looked good on my MAC. Always a MAC…at home at least. Anyway I loved the video. Such a good trail and you didn’t run over anyone…I’m impressed. Hope you had a great weekend. See you in a couple of weeks.

  2. Yeah I didn’t run over anyone. I call it the magic of editing! No, I really didn’t hit a pedestrian:)

  3. that’s FUN – I love the video experience. Brings me back to riding the “Monkey Trail” myself 🙂 KP

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