Second video…and it’s better.

I found out a couple of things. Set camera on low setting for sound (no buzz this time). Battery choice is critical. I bought some rechargable NimH and that should help. The others, alkaline, just died too fast. And rechargable is a better energy choice, anyway.

This video is from the Headquarters building in the park to Gatlinburg on Newfound Gap Road. The sound is there this time. Not much to hear, though. And somewhere along the way I hit 30 mph. Fast for this O.A.F.! Hope to have more interesting video in the future. By the way, this one is only 4 minutes.

Oh, and while I was waiting to start the video, I was sitting at Headquarters drinking my go juice. I saw a vehicle pull in and wondered what they were doing. Apparently, right behind me a doe and her fawn were going to cross the road. Yes, they were so close one of them could have smacked me upside the head. Did I know this? No!


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