Riding the Bypass…with video!

No, I wasn’t drunk riding up the hill. I think I need to find another position for the camera, because it makes me dizzy watching my pathetic attempt at climbing! It was a blast going down, though. I had a grin from ear to ear:)

I’ve learned some more editing stuff, so I cut over half the video out. You can thank me later. I also tried to edit out as much of the traffic as I could. It’s still a little bit too long. Next time.

And, the NiMH batteries didn’t conk out on me mid ride.



2 Responses

  1. How fast did you get up to on the down hill? Love it – keep em’ coming.

  2. Umm…the sign said 35 mph. I went a little over that, so if anyone reads this, look the other way!!

    I didn’t pedal at all, so i want to do it again and see how fast pedaling gets me:)

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