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No riding today.

The day started off slow. I was awoken by the smell of cheesy eggs and toast. And that was about the only thing that stood a chance of getting me out of bed. I just came off of working eight days at the store with most of those days by myself. I was never so happy to see 5pm roll around as last night!

After breakfast and getting around, I left with my Mom to go to the Glades in Gatlinburg. Our main objective was to have lunch at the Wild Plum Tea Room. We’re doing some recon for this February when a few of her friends come down. Usually, we meet up in Lexington.

First, we stopped at Alewine Pottery. Yes, I purchased a couple of items. Then we went over to the malt shop. BIG mistake. I can’t say no to one of those. Not a great idea just before lunch.

We eventually made our way to the Wild Plum. Wow! Fantastic! I had the Plum tea and a turkey croissant with fruit. Ended up only eating half of it, since the malt filled me up earlier. Oops! The unfortunate thing is that the place closes during the time the gals will be here. Their loss!

Our last stop was out at Betsy’s to see the twins (Mom hadn’t until today) and drop off the gifts for them. Mom had little Eli sleeping in her arms for two hours. She was very happy!

Fun day. I think I’ll go sleep some more!


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