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The Paramount Donor Bike…

for the Xtracycle conversion is almost complete! I’m using some old racing wheels until the new heavier duty ones arrive. I put on some linear pull(v) brakes I had lying around. I also put a front derailler/shifter on. I still need to hook those up later tonight, when it’s cooler! And last put the chain on.

Found out a few things. I put a 68 x 113 BB on to bring the chainrings closer to the frame. What I think may be the case is that this bike used an old low profile crankset originally and I didn’t have one to put on it. Because I still have the derailler that it used before, when I put it on there is NO WAY it will swing far enough to reach the outer chainring. That’s fine for now. I’m an idiot. I adjusted the set screw and the derailler swings as far as I need it to! Yeah:)

I think this frame size may be okay as long as I put a long seatpost on it. Which leads to problem #2. The post in it was cut off so I don’t have a ready to read size for it. I tried measuring it with my calipers and I think it’s a 26.8mm. My LBS doesn’t have a way of measuring it or the seattube. At the shop I worked for, we had a couple of wonderful tools made by Stein? that basically was a tube that gradually got smaller. Each size was marked, so when you dropped it into the seat tube, it would stop at the right size.

So, I have two questions for someone out there.

1-Do you know what size seatpost a 1992 Paramount (made in Taiwan) Series 70 MTB would use? I have it narrowed down to a 26.8 or maybe a 26.6.

2-And, if anyone knows where to purchase these seat tube sizers made by Stein?, let me know as well.

Lastly, I did send an email to Waterford Bicycles to see if anyone was still there from the Paramount days to give me a heads up on it. We’ll see if I hear anything!

3 Responses

  1. Generally the older bikes are 1″.

  2. Love to see pictures when the build is complete. Those curved chainstays are funky.

  3. Should be interesting! Hope it rides well.

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