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The Paramount is a 26.8!

I stopped in at the LBS today for two reasons. First, I needed to pick up my friend Alex’s bike. And while I have it, I pulled his 26.8mm seatpost out and wouldn’t ya know. It fits! Perfect. So, now I’m in search of the post. It looks like the LBS can’t get the Thomson that I want, so I have an email in to Speedgoat to see what they can so. Second, I wanted to check on the items that I had ordered. Well, as usual, my luck with wheels prevails. No longer available. I think I’m going to start building my own again. So, they’ll have to wait until next month.

On another note, but same stream. Did I mention that my LBS, Shifting Gears, is one of the best shops? Now, they don’t have everything in stock, but they’re always willing to order it. The only reason that I buy online from Speedgoat and Bikeman is when Shifting Gears just can’t get it. But on to the really cool thing today. As I was waiting for Alex’s mom to come in and pay for the repairs to his bike, Rick said he was only charging for the parts. No labor! They just do stuff like that. I’m not saying that it’s standard business practice there, but they treat their return customers wonderfully!

Lastly, thanks to anyone who helped in my journey to find the seatpost size of the Paramount. It was greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: I wasn’t able to get a Thomson seatpost, so I had to go for a Ritchey. It seems not many make a 400mm plus post in the 26.8mm size. Once it’s here, I’ll put it on and go for a spin. My hope is that it will give me enough extension for my legs.


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