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Parts for the Donor Bike.

I stopped by the bike shop on the way to the National Park to do some work on the Ogle cabin today. My latest order came in, apparently just before I got there. Let’s see. A Park CRS-1 crown race setting tool. So, now I have everything I need to install forks and headsets, I think. Surly hat, patch and stickers. A Park CC-3 chain wear tool. A new seatpost binder. I think the Ringle one may give up the goose soon! Say goodbye to 3D violet! And a barend mirror. I think that’s it for now. A few things from Speedgoat should arrive early next week, so I’ll truly know if the Paramount will do the job. All that and a layer of bat guano! One of you may know what I’m talking about:)

I have a pic of a commuter in the ‘burg from yesterday, but my email is down for now. Will put it up later. Sorry for the quality, I took this from my camera phone. I saw this guy when I was riding into the park and later drove by him on the way home. At least I think it’s the same guy!? I have been seeing a few more commuters week by week.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Marla – the commuter in GB may have been Jan Brady’s husband Tony. He is riding his bike from the Gades to Linbergers 3 days a week. Might be cool for you to give Jan a call at Whole Earth and arrange an “Interview” with Tony and get his photo for a story for your blog 🙂

  2. Great idea:)

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