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Actually rode the Paramount today.

And forgot just how twitchy it is. That’s why we all used these bikes for trials back then (that would be the raging 90’s to those of you new to this). Perfect rake on the fork. But after a bit, I settled in with it ( I quit whipping the front wheel back and forth with every pedal). The seatpost kept slipping and I had to tighten it part way through.Yes, I did get off the bike to do this. With my LONG seatpost, I have to! I’m thinking I may just pick up a bolt to replace the QR.

As I was riding by park HQ I heard a small “pop” when I touched the rear brake.

My spring had popped out and it made my brake drag. And since I have the quads of a limp fish and lungs to boot, it was a helluva trek down the road. I stopped at HQ and fixed said problem.

I finished with a super fast sprint back to town that would make a turtle look like it was standing still. I’m that fast:P And to top off the little jaunt, I received an email from Uber Ranger Babette saying the park air quality was that of a rancid skunk! Yay for my lungs!

-As some may figure out, the Paramount did not spring a full suspension rear end. I took pics of the Fuel’s brakes to show how the spring looked in and out of place.


2 Responses

  1. Looking forward to seeing your xtracycle when it’s all built up.

    I ride a 93′ MTB as a commuter and it’s also got really quick (dangerous) steering. It was a real handful on the dirt when I was racing it and the front wheel tucked-under and tossed me off on more than one occasion.
    I don’t know if it’s the rake or trail doing this but as long as you don’t take your hands off the bars it’s manageable on the pavement.

    I think my “Nasty Evil Bike” (as I call it) and your Paramount are good candidates for a freeradical attachment. From what I have read the quick steering will be a perfect match for the longer wheelbase.

  2. I can’t wait to build it and try it out. That would be nice if it evened out the handling:)

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