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More parts for the Paramount.

I stopped in at the LBS to grab a couple of items and place another order. I picked up another Specialized Crossroads tire for the front, a seatpost bolt, and a front QR for the wheel.

I ordered two Planet Bike Superflash taillights. They’re supposed to be super bright.

And I also ordered a Soma Morning Rush coffee mug & holder. I need something to put my Blue Smoke in!

The last thing I did was call QBP to check out their stock of the Xtracycle kits. Like everyone else, they are out. So, I did get onto the waiting list for one. He said mid-August they were due in. So, hopefully by the end of August, I’ll have it in and built. Just in time for my birthday!

On a different note, I stepped outside this afternoon to get the mail. It was much like walking into a wall. Hot and humid. So, I’m going to assume our air quality is still on the bad side of the scale. In keeping with the fish analogy, I have a small idea of how one feels trying to breath through it’s gills out of water!

3 Responses

  1. After reading this post I checked with the shop in Minneapolis where I bought my Xtracycle conversion kit. He is one of the few dealers in the country who actually stocks Xtracycle kits. Sad to say, even he is out of them. Must be the price of gas has increased the demand for utility bikes.

  2. Hard to believe a business can survive if they can’t even manage the supply of their main product!

    The coffee set-up looks sweet. Maybe a dynamo-powered toaster for the rear rack?

  3. Hey, I’d be happy to see a bunch more utility bikes out there. How cool would that be?

    I’m not so into the toaster, but if you can figure out how to hook up a waffle iron, I’m there. Solar powered?

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