This was the post I was going to do yesterday.

I received an email from Justin at Speedgoat yesterday. He had put the Thomson seatpost on the website for me to purchase and sent it out. I’ll have it by Monday. Yay!

Rode the Monkey again. Nothing exciting. I ended up riding up and down the road by HQ for about an hour. It’s not very long but it is quiet.

Tonight, I’m going up to Clingmans Dome with Tracy and her son to view the stars. I’m not sure if this is through the park or his school, but there will be telescopes up top. It is the most amazing place I have been at night. I’ve never seen so many stars anywhere else.

Should be fun!


2 Responses

  1. Hey Marla – wanted to get your opinion on the Croozer Bike Cargo Trailer — I want a trailer to hook to my bike to take Blue Smoke packages to the post office, about 2 miles away, so I hate to get in the car and drive, but have more packages than I carry without something to haul them. Thought this Croozer Trailer sounded like a good deal and not too much $. Here’s the web-site, would love your opinion:

  2. Looking into it.

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