Background, stars and Croozer Cargo Trailer.

Well, hopefully you all can read the blog better. A tip of the helmet to Hilton for bringing how hard it was to read to my attention. Hope the eyes feel better.

The background. I forgot to say thanks to Jill for the inspiration to meddle with it. So, thanks!

Last night was a bust as far as star viewing on top of the mountain. We still had fun, but ended up just chatting all night. There was a smaller meteor shower going on, had we been able to see anything. August is the big one, though. I want to try to go up to the Dome for that one and maybe get a photo or two.

Lastly, has anyone had any experience with the Croozer Cargo Trailer? I have a buddy that is interested in one to use for his business with the bike he already has. Any input would be grateful.


3 Responses

  1. Super!!! I’ve stopped squinting:)

  2. Hey when will the Clingman’s Dome star gazing thing be in August.

  3. Hilton-Thank you! I also figured out how to use part of my photoshop program I hadn’t used before!

    Kevin-The pinnacle is 11-12th.

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