Thomson post is here!

Yes, it’s a tall one. About an inch more than the Ritchey. Perfect! And no slippage. I rode it offroad and on the road after work today. Thanks again go out to the ‘Goat.


4 Responses

  1. At last the seatpost arrives?You’ve been building up to this moment quite a while

  2. Yes. Trying to find a long enough post to make this bike work has been such a pain. The size, 26.8, isn’t readily available.At least not in the length I need! In fact, only a couple of places have this in the Thomson, which is not made anymore. So, using this bike for the xtracycle completely hinged on the post.

    Now I have a month to wait for the Xtracycle to come in! Argh!

  3. That is the longest post I have ever seen!

    You could have gone for a commonly sized 25.4mm post and used a 25.4-26.8mm Cane Creek Seat Tube Shim. They are fantastic quality and are only USD$7.50.

    I bought one so I can swap my Thudbuster posts between bikes.

  4. Antoine-I’ll have to remember that if I ever break it! Thanks.

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