Did someone say Pugsley?

Stopped in at the LBS and picked up my Planet Bike Superflashes. QBP was out of the Soma coffee things. Still in the waiting for an Xtracycle. And now for my finale this year, I start the Pugsley Project. That’s right, I’m building a snow bike for the south!
So, I have on order at this very moment:
Pugsley frameset
Large Marge wheeset,
Chris King headset
WTB saddle
Titec H-bar
Endomorph tires and tubes

I think that’s it. Will have to order more later when cash flow is there. And while I’m thinking about it. What are you Pugsley riders using for a crankset/BB and shifting? I was wanting to go SRAM on the shifting, but didn’t see a front e type derailler for it. Any ideas?

I have to take a moment to say thanks to my uncle. He had made this bike build possible for me and it will be ridden in his honor. He’d get a kick out of it in every respect!


3 Responses

  1. Oooohhh Man!! That is so cool. The Pugsley has got to be one of the funnest bikes I have ever ridden. You are going to have so much fun on that machine.

    I can’t remember what BB I have. I think it’s a Shimano with a square taper axle. If you want to go high end, Phil Wood makes a BB for the Pugsley. Crankset is a Truativ Blaze triple. I ride a mixture of roads and trails in the winter. I use all three rings. Most Pug owners go with a single or double crankset. (I always have to be different)Front deraileur is an E-type Shimano Deore LX.

    Can’t wait to see the build on yours! I’ll stayed tuned.

  2. Welcome to the club!

    I’m running a FSA ISIS BB and have had no problems with it but ISIS seems to have a bad reputation for bearing life. I only have a small amount of play after 2 years of beach riding.

    Surly are now making a nice crankset with the larger style outboard bearings in a SS and triple configuration. The spiders are interchangeable so you can change BCD size or go singlespeed later if you want to.

  3. Thanks for the help guys! It will be a later purchase, so I will check this stuff out:)

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