Dan on Bike and a new trail.

Well, Dan had visited my little ‘burg recently and gotten a pretty fair picture of it. I’m glad he visited the park. My neck of the woods. Hey Dan, that big rock you climbed, was it across the street from a cabin? If so, that’s the Bud Ogle cabin I’ve been working on. Hope you enjoyed that part!

On another note, my friend Tracy had me stop by after work tonight. Mainly to show me the new bike, a Specialized MTB, her husband just picked up. And guess what? It inspired him to go into the yard and start creating a bike trail. WooHoo! I walked the work in progress. Very off camber I might say. Not long, but it’s mostly in the woods. Maybe some photos to post in the future.

Time to sleep.


2 Responses

  1. Yes, that was across the road from the Ogle cabin. That was a very interesting place (as were all of the sites we saw).

    If I ever get time, I’ll write about my ride around Cades Cove.

  2. I’d like to hear your perspective of it.

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