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I need a little help, please!

So here’s the situation. I had a chat with a member of the Gatlinburg Greenspace Committee and she is going to bring up bicycling (routes, paths, racks, etc) to the rest of the committee to see if this is a topic of interest. If so, she has asked me to come up with information and ideas to present.

Gatlinburg is a tourist community and gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. As many have found by visiting, it’s not very bicycle friendly. The Greenspace Committee and the Gateway Foundation are moving to improve the town.

I am at the very beginning of this, hopefully. So, any ideas of where to start, what pieces of info I need to have, what to ask for, anything would be helpful to get me started. Even how to present what I find.

Your help, and anyone you know that may have ideas would be very much appreciated. Leave a comment or send me an email.



4 Responses

  1. Marla,
    This is great news that at least the Greenspace committee is interested. I’ll sure put my thinking cap on and hopefully many others will too. I know there is not room for bike lanes on the parkway, but painting bike lanes on both outside lanes of the parkway and lots of signs yielding the right of way to cyclists would be great. I think a bike lane could be placed on river road in Gatlinburg. A bike lane could go out 321 and also through the park at least to sugarlands if the park would allow it and definitely up airport road. Bike posts (not racks) could be placed along the parkway. i hope you get lots of comments.
    I want to ride the bypass sometime. I bet it was a hoot riding back down. Also ready to do cades cove again when the weather cools.

  2. Yes, we’ll see if they have any interest for me to present something. I was reading a TDOT 200+ page report about the connecting bike corridors in the state and they basically said one of the easiest and cheapest ways to gain bike lanes was to simply re-stripe the lanes.I guess most traffic lanes are wide and by doing this, one would gain a 3-4 foot wide shoulder/lane.Still reading and learning, though!

    It was awesome going down the bypass! Wheee!!!

  3. I propose they put in an off road bike trail along river road that goes up and connects to the Monkey trail, since that trail already allows bikes, no work to do in the park. Then on Parkway, stripe bike lanes and/or at least add “Bikes Share the Road” signs, so bike commuters can use the Parkway with a little more awareness of the right for bikes to share the road. Oh yeah and for sure add the bike poles Bobby suggested. Let me know how I can help!!!

  4. Kevin,

    I need to check into the Share the Road sign idea. We did that up in Fort Wayne (unfortunately had a lot of deaths before).
    Re-striping sounds like the most viable way to get any bike lanes. Especially since the city just finished all that work on the Parkway. Doubtful they’d go for anything else. I wish I were here before they started that!
    I was also looking at River Road. All that is fairly new, too. The only thing I can think to do would involve getting rid of the street parking. Let me know your thoughts on that one.
    Yes, like the bike pole idea. May be easier to get the city to agree to it. Doesn’t take up as much room and looks a whole lot better, IMO!
    Trying to look from both sides of it all to see what would fly. To see what opposition might come about with each idea.

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