Pugsley Project Update…

with the frame, fork and wheelset here! I also received the H-Bar and seat. The Headset did not make it, which makes me wonder if QBP still carries them? Rick and Stephen from the LBS took a look at the wheels and said they looked the size of their dualsport motorcycle front wheels.
I did manage to puncture one of my tubes! It took awhile to really figure out how the put the tires and tubes on without a struggle. The bead seats very easily, so I had to keep unseating it to have enough room to not have to use a lever. Mental note: have patience putting these babies on in future!
I really can’t wait to ride this. I love the action, for lack of a better word, of the 29″ wheels. And I think that combined with some gearing around the mountains would be perfect.
The build will continue soon!

Thanks for watching:)


4 Responses

  1. Wow!! Those are big tires. (You’re going to hear that a lot)

  2. You have to let the first bead sit in the recessed centre part of the rim as you slide the second bead on. Then you shouldn’t need levers at all.

  3. Sorry Marla, I haven’t explained that properly. There are instructions (with a diagram) on the Surly Blog:


    Basically you need to push the bead towards the centre of the rim where there is a valley to give you a bit more play to get the remaining bead on or off the rim.

    I’m a little rusty as I’ve never had to change a tyre in over two years of Pug ownership. I’ve tempted fate here, I’ll probably get a flat tomorrow!

  4. Antoine-
    Thanks for the help on the tires! I’ll check out the blog. Hope you knocked on some wood after you posted this

    I’ve already started hearing it. And It hasn’t even been out side!

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