No saddle joy here!

I hesitated about whether or not to write about this, but oh well. I’ll warn you, you may want to skip this post!

So, unlike Bike Munky and his wonderful saddle joy, I have just the opposite. Whilst building the Paramount, I put a completely different saddle on than what all of my other bikes have. And yes, I’ve been lazy about taking the one off my GT LTS that I leave at work. I don’t ride it very often and mainly have it there for others to use. And, I had that Thomson seatpost a bit too high. Didn’t think that was ever going to be a problem. So, as it stands, I have pinched an area that really hurts now. So, I’ll be off the bike for a couple of weeks! Can’t sit on any saddle. Maybe I’ll try riding standing up and build up massive legs! HA!

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging…


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