Bicycle commercial found on


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  1. Cute commercial. The part I didn’t like is pictures of cyclists using sidewalks.

  2. I liked the stylish old dude at the end towing the balloons.

  3. I’m not fond of the sidewalk bit either. It did spark a small conversation with a friend of mine on the Greenspace Committee today. I found out on one of the main roads the city ad put in new sidewalks that were wider than needed to accomodate those that were afraid to ride their bikes on the road. He said they knew bikes were supposed to ride on the road,but they made the sidewalks that way anyway. A little confusing!

  4. I’ve seen that in several towns too Marla. In Key West, there are really just too many cars in that little island town, driving way too fast (folks who drive down from the mainland on vacation).

    Many residents though get around on bikes and after so many bikers getting killed by cars the city now allows bikes on all sidewalks, except Duval Street (the main pedestrian/tourist street).

    I’m thinking there is a much higher risk that a car will kill a biker riding on the road than a biker will kill a pedestrian on the sidewalk. Well I don’t guess I’ve ever heard of a biker running over and killing a pedestrian, has anyone else?

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