Pugsley Project

More Pugsley parts arrived today. That would include:
-Thomson stem
-tool to put my BB in

That leaves:
-CK headset(which is on the way)

I hope to have the bike built sometime this week, depending on when the headset gets here. Stay tuned…


2 Responses

  1. Okay, being new to the biking world I am kind of wondering how this works. Your order the frame from Surley… and then all your favorite parts? And then you build? Just like that?

  2. Well, yes. Though I order through the local bike shop that can get Surly frames. And then I figure out what I want to put on it and buy those parts. With a bunch of help from other cyclists/bloggers that have some insight into a particular bike. You need to know what parts will actually fit the particular frame, in some cases. Your LBS can help you out with that:)

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