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Pugsley headset and gas?

Yes, kids. The Chris King headset finally showed up today. So now I have to try to get Pugsley built before Sunday’s ride in Greenbriar.

And gas went up to $4.49 in Gatlinburg today. Good luck to the rod runners over in Pigeon Forge this weekend ;^)

PUGSLEY PROJECT UPDATE: Yes, it’s true. Pugsley has been upgraded from a frame with a few parts to the Flintstone mobile. Tonight, due to a huge demand from my local fans requesting Pugsley make an appearance in Greenbriar Sunday night (Scott, I’m talking about you!), I have cut the fork down and put the headset, stem, bars and grips on. So, technically, I can ride Pugsley. I just have to use my feet to push and stop!

Can I get Pugsley completed for the ride? Stay tuned…
, \

3 Responses

  1. Don’t be disappointed by the first couple of rides. They take a bit of getting used to, especially the extra weight and the funny steering. It will however be immediately more comfortable than your Karate Monkey because of the bigger softer tyres.

    For that first trail ride don’t put any more than 15psi in the Endos. Too much air and they work like a big spring bouncing you off roots and rocks. You also get more grip with lower pressures. You don’t get pinch flats because the tyre has so far to compress before it hits the rim.

    The K-M and Pug are really quite similar bikes apart from the tyres (and tyre clearance). I was going to get a K-M but went for the Pug instead because of all the beaches around here.

  2. Lots of gas stations are out of gas here. Interesting day.

  3. Antoine-
    Thanks for the info. Now I’ll have a clue what’s going on when I try Pugs out:)

    I think we must have some gas again. And I saw $4.89 today as well as $3.89!

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