Aww Crap! and more…

Guess what this incredibly stupid “bike mechanic” did? Automatically bought a rear and a FRONT disc brake! I forgot the Pugsley uses both rear brakes! Well, I’m going to eat dinner and cool down, it’s still hot here. Maybe I’ll go out after dark and try to work on it. I may make an update to this, if so…


I went back out to the shed to continue building Pugsley. Much cooler with the sun down. So, I decided that I would finish the rear brake and then attempt the gears. The brake went fine. The gears. This was where I cursed a few or more times!

My first mistake was when I cut the chain. It would have been fine except for the fact when I put the link on, I didn’t get both sides in. And only one side in made it impossible for me. I cut that link out and just put it together with a semi pushed out pin. I know most manufacturers say not to, and I don’t encourage it, but I do it all the time. Mainly due to the fact I didn’t have another chain to try again. This (being a hair too short) has also caused the whole system to not shift into my rear 34t cog. Another chain will be picked up from the LBS this week.

My second mistake was putting a washer in the mix with the front e-type derailler. It said to, but when I was adjustting the gears, it was WAY off. So out it went!

I think I’m going to love the Paul’s Thumbies. It allowed me to use a SRAM rear derailler, yay! It’s completely on the friction setting.

The brakes. The rear is super. The front is not on. As I said before, I bought a front brake for the front when I should have bought a rear due to spacing on the fork. Live and learn, eh?! Yes, I’m riding it tomorrow night with one brake.

Crankset was uneventful. I realized that down the road an ISIS crank extractor is a tool to add to the kit.

Oh, and I ran out of derailler cable housing. Yes, with a little duct tape and two pieces of Shimano housing, I’m up and running. It’ll be interesting to see how long it lasts.

Last, I took the pedals off the Karate Monkey and added a lovely bell. Tomorow night I’ll find out if Pugs will work. No, I haven’t ridden it yet! Pictures hopefully tomorrow.


3 Responses

  1. Why don’t you “borrow” the rear caliper bracket from the Monkey. Isn’t that the only difference between a front and rear disc brake?

  2. I was thinking I’ll do that. But, I got tired and lazy, so I’ll probably do that tomorrow when I’m off:)

    Any ideas if the caliper itself is different from the front or the mounting bracket? I’m wondering if it’s just the bracket that could be changed (then wouldn’t have to buy whole new brake).

  3. I did a little research and found out that the only difference is in the mounting bracket. So, I ordered one. Should have it this week!

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